Antimicrobial Shoe Spray BiBooPa

Shoe odor occurs as the result of bacterial and (to a lesser extent) fungal growth in shoes. Such growth begins first on the skin of the feet where the bacteria that cause malodorous feet digest dead cells from the skin. In time the bacteria and fungi permeate socks and begin proliferating in the fabric of the shoes. Factors that cause persons to develop foot odor are increased sweating, occlusive socks or shoes, moisture stagnation due to non-absorptive socks or shoes and/or genetic predisposition.
Boopa antimicrobial shoe spray is a safe, highly effective shoe spray that kills bacteria and fungi, which results in the elimination of shoe odor.


*Kills bacteria causing odor 
*Attack bacteria and fungi through multiple mechanisms,
*Long term sustainable antimicrobial action
*Safe and easy to use

Direction to use:

 Spray directly into each shoe. inside surfaces including insoles should be coated. Allow to dry completely, repeat each night until shoes are odor free.