Antibacterial & Anti UV agents for textile

With the growing public health awareness of the pathogenic effects, malodors and stain formations caused by microorganisms, there is an increasing need for antibacterial materials in many application areas. The spread of bacteria and viruses by contact of contaminated materials has created increased pressure for protection of personnel with functional clothing; also, all articles of apparel and home textiles are susceptible to problems of hygiene in normal daily use, for example, socks, sport wear and working clothes as well as mattresses, floor coverings, and shoe linings. Textiles for outdoor use are constantly exposed to the influence of microbes and bacteria. Textile goods, especially those made from natural fibers, provide an excellent environment for microorganisms to grow, because of their large surface area and ability to retain moisture. Now a days, it is necessary to use protective textiles specially in medical sector, hotels, public places and also for working uniforms.  One of the other problems in recent years is ultraviolet radiation which is harmful and causes many injuries for humans. UV-protection of textile materials is term of ultraviolet protection factor (UPF). By using Nikoo Antibacterial & Anti UV agent, it is possible to prepare protective textile.


Product Features

*Anti Allergy
*Anti odor
*Cost effective and affordable
*Protection from Infection
*Echo friendly
*Silver free process
*Antibacterial activity against both gram positive and negative bacteria
*Applicable in dyeing and finishing section of all textile factories
*Treated fabrics are durable with high washing fastness properties



Textile using in hospital and medical sectors

Uniforms, Cover sheets, towels, patient clothes and all the textiles which are used in hospitals and the other types of clinic should be antibacterial. Their main task is to protect patients, accompanies and physicians from infection.


Fabric and Textiles in Hotels

Antibacterial cover sheet, worker uniforms, wall papers, towels, table linen,… are recommended to use in hotels. 

Antibacterial and anti UV uniform for soldiers 

Ii is very important that soldiers ti be protected from UV radiation, fungi and bacteria.


Textile using in public places and transportation

Microbes in public areas can be a critical issue in public health, because of the ease of transfer of pathogens from individual to individual. Public areas such as restaurants, public transportation systems, parks, schools, daycare centers, and other community areas can bring a large number of people together and facilitate .the transmission of microbes

Textiles using for relief and deliverance in International Red Cross