Application of plasma in textile

Plasma is used for surface modification of textiles including: etching; cleaning; polymerization; deposition and producing nano structures.The active particles of the plasma and their nano-scale reaction to the material level, cause the rupture of the chains, their networking, or the formation of free radicals. Material properties remain unchanged. This method is completely dry and environmental friendly and no chemicals or wet process requires. For synthetic fibers, plasma technology is used for hydrophilic properties, anti static, enhanced color and improve adhesion properties in the production of composites. The creation of functional groups on the surface can increase the hydrophilic properties of these fibers. Plasma processing will improve the color absorption and printability of the textiles. By Plasma deposition, it is easy to produce anti-bacterial and anti-UV textile during a short period of operation. Therefore, plasma treatment can be considered as a dry finishing method for textiles.